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No community can be successful — i.e. contribute to the growth of its sponsors — unless it’s a fun and interesting place to hang out. Some of the businesses listed below have created communities so valuable that people actually pay just to be a member. Others have utilized social media, old-school message boards and live events to grow their communities and, as a result, their businesses.

[Video] Rediscovering Personal Networking: Michael Goldberg at TEDxMillRiver

Great talk on networking.

"It’s always about the connections you make…" loved that!

[Video] Entrepreneurial DNA: Joe Abraham at TEDxBend

Joe Abraham makes some very interesting points about entrepreneurship in this TEDTalk.

The fact that one size doesn’t fit all is certainly one to remember for entrepreneurs and business owners, & just for more details on that topic this talk is worth listening to. Other interesting topics he covers includes Opportunist DNA, successful entrepreneurs and common traits, etc.

Interesting talk by Henrik Scheel on entrepreneurial mindset, where he also talks about creative thinking and the importance of failure…

On a side note, his social entrepreneurship project is definitely worth checking out.

Is bootstrapping the fastest route to profitability?

This article sheds some light on bootstrapping, and how that can be helpful. Useful read for entrepreneurs.

[Video]Why we procrastinate by Vik Nithy @ TEDxYouth

Interesting talk addressing procrastination. 

Bootstrapping ― Entrepreneurship 101 

Insightful talk by Charles Plant on Bootstrapping, it’s advantages, different bootstrapping strategies, and more. 

Worth checking out, especially if you’re a startup and/or are thinking about starting a business. 

Tools for Entrepreneurs: Making Something People Love

What does it take to really have something that people want to buy in this age of information? This interesting talk by Alexis Ohanian (co-founder of Reddit) sheds some light on that.

[Video] View From The Top: Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit

Citigroup’s CEO Vikrant Pandit shares some good tips and insights about running and growing a business, failure, finding your passion, a fair few tips that are applicable for entrepreneurs (new or veteran), job seekers, CEOs, etc. 

[Infographic] How to Build a Website that Drives Engagement: 14 Tips for Effective Calls-to-Action

These points are worth checking out if your business has a website. The tips apply to more or less any business website…

Source - Slideshare

[#ProductivityTip Video] 2 Techniques to Instantly Increase Your Team Productivity

Today’s video is about 2 useful team productivity tips, i.e. tips you can use to boost the productivity of your team.

The second tip was my fav…  

More information (from youtube): During his visit to the Mindvalley HQ recently, we interviewed Gazelles Growth Institute CEO, Daniel Marcos on 2 techniques you can instantly apply to your company to improve team growth and productivity.